Update and Important Dates! PanSIG (Individual Submissions) & JALT International (SIG Forum Submissions)

Good morning Critical Thinkers!

Welcome to 2017! We hope this year will be a great one for you, your friends and families, and your career!

Update on the PanSIG CT SIG Forum:

The theme of this year’s forum is: Implementing Critical Thinking into the LL Classroom: Stories from the field.

We have selected six presentations for our forum at PanSIG (yes, SIX!). A big thanks to all those who submitted. While we cannot always accept everyone’s submission, if you didn’t make your submission this time, please consider submitting for the upcoming events.

These presentations will be a modified Petcha Kucha style where all six presenters will be presenting at the same time. Each presentation will be 6 minutes long with a short Q&A period afterward. After the Q&A session of that presentation, all the attendees will rotate around to the next presentation and the cycle continues.

All attendees will be able to see all presentations.

Important upcoming deadlines:

The deadline for submitting to the CT SIG Forum has passed, but the deadline for submitting a personal presentation has not!

The deadline for PanSIG individual presentations submissions is: January 15th

(NOTE: If you are a CT SIG Forum presenter, you can STILL SUBMIT another presentation. The SIG forums are not counted toward your submission limit.)

JALT 2017 Critical thinking forum:

We are looking for six presenters for our CT SIG Forum at JALT 2017 for a similar style of forum as the PanSIG forum. Stories and methods that you have used in your classroom which have worked (or not!) and what you learned from those experiences.

The deadline for JALT 2017 CT SIG Forum submissions is: January 31st

(NOTE: If you are a CT SIG Forum presenter, you can STILL SUBMIT another presentation. The SIG forums are not counted toward your submission limit.)

JALT 2017 International conference:

Have some research you would like to share? A methodology you think is beneficial? Why not share it at Japan’s largest language teaching conference? The JALT International Conference!

The deadline for JALT 2017 International Conference Individual submissions is: February 13th

JALT GILE and CT SIGs mini-conference in Sapporo:

The Hokkaido chapter has asked the CT SIG to be a part of the GILE SIG mini-event in June. We will be looking for presenters to give short, 30-min presentations on topics related to critical thinking. If you are in the area, why not share your vision of critical thinking with the members of the Hokkaido chapter.

The deadline for  GILE/CT SIG Event submissions is: March 31st

JALT brain and critical thinking sigs event in Tokyo:

The JALT BRAIN and CT SIGs are getting together for a meeting of the minds in September! We are looking for presenters to present of methodology for, and research in, critical thinking integration into the language learning classroom. We want to focus on activities and information that attendees can take with them back to the classroom. These types of presentations will have priority in the selection process.

The deadline for the BRAIN/CT SIG Event submissions is: May 30th

And more!

These are some of the many many upcoming events for 2017! We are also looking at Sendai (October) and Kyoto (December). So keep an eye out for the CT Scan with more information and always remember to check our facebook page and website for up-to-date information. As always, if you ever have questions about what the CT SIG is or what you can do to help out, please contact James Dunn, the coordinator at: coordinator@jaltcriticalthinking.org

Warm regards,

The JALT Critical Thinking SIG Executive Board


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