2018 Submission reminders and 2017 Recap!

REMINDER: The call for the PanSIG (Petcha Kucha Style presentations) Critical Thinking Forum for 2018 PanSIG in Tokyo is still open for a few more days. We are looking for up to 8 presenters who can give short, 6-minute petcha kutcha style presentations. This means that each presenter will speak for about 6 minutes, have a 4 minute QnA, and the participants will switch to another speaker. This gives the attendees a chance to hear many short presentations instead of 2 or 3 longer ones. This style of forum was a big success in 2017 and we are very much looking forward to the 2018 PanSIG conference in Tokyo.

NEW DEADLINE: January 20th.

If you would like to submit a presentation, please email your

Title (Max 10 words):
Abstract (Max 75 words):
Bio (Max 40 words):

to: program@jaltcriticalthinking.org with the subject of: PanSIG 2018

REMINDER 2: The call for the 2018 JALT Critical Thinking Forum in Shizuoka is still open. We are looking for up to 4 presenters who can give 20-30 minute presentations on topics related to Critical Thinking and learning a language.

DEADLINE: January 30th.

If you would like to submit a presentation, please email your

Title (Max 12 words):
Abstract (Max 100 words):
Bio (Max 40 words):

to: program@jaltcriticalthinking.org with the subject of: JALT 2018

The 2017 academic year is almost over and we would like to share what has been done to give you, the CT SIG Member, value for your membership.

– We have had six events this year, PanSIG 2017 in Akita, The Hokkaido Chapter, GILE, and CT SIG event in Sapporo, the Tokyo Chapter BRAIN/CT SIG event in Tokyo, the Kyoto Chapter CT SIG event in Kyoto, the Sendai Chapter CT SIG event with the ETJ Expo in Sendai, and of course the JALT CT SIG Forum at JALT 2017 in Tsukuba. We have had a very busy year!

– We have had 3 CT SIG newsletters, The CT Scan, published with member submitted articles sharing ideas with the membership on how to integrate Critical Thinking into the classroom.

– We have published our 4th peer-reviewed journal, Critical Thinking and Language Learning.

– We have offered JALT members discounts to all the events we have given and even had special incentives for CT SIG members to attend.

With all this going on, we hope you feel that your membership with our group is worth your time and hard-earned money. But, did you know that there may be MORE you could be doing with us?

Would you like to publish? We have TWO avenues to publish with us: 1- The CTLL, our peer-reviewed journal. If you have a manuscript you would like considered, please send it to: editor@jaltcriticalthinking.org and get the process rolling. 2- The CT Scan, our newsletter. The CT Scan is not a peer-reviewed publication, but it is edited. If you have something for the CT Scan, please send your manuscript to: publications@jaltcriticalthinking.org

We are looking forward to publishing you!

We are always looking for presenters at events to share your vision of how Critical Thinking influences your teaching. Not an experienced presenter? That is okay! We can offer you assistance with PowerPoint slides and tips on giving a good presentation (sorry, the nervousness before a presentations doesn’t go away). We are here to help you.

We are also always in need of members that can donate a little time to help make our SIG even better. Know how to put posts on WordPress? Why not help out with the website? Is your hobby graphic design? Why not help with the publishing? Have a little free time? You could help with paper/presentation vetting. If any of these things seem appealing or interesting, please contact James Dunn, the Coordinator of the CT SIG to see how you can add to this great group of educators. You can reach James at: coordinator@jaltcriticalthinking.org

Maybe this post has probably gone on long enough. Thanks for reading to the end and please consider presenting with us in Tokyo at PanSIG and in Shizuoka at JALT 2018 and publishing with us in the CTLL and CT Scan. **Note: We have a few other events in the works for 2018. More information on those soon!

We would also like to give a big thanks to all the presenters who helped make this year so successful at our events. We are truly lucky to have such a wealth of talented people in our group.

To wrap up, we are excited about 2018 and what we have to offer you, our members. We hope to see you in 2018!

Critically yours,

The JALT CT SIG Executive Committee

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