The JALT Critical Thinking SIG was formed to help raise awareness of the importance of Critical Thinking skills in the language learning classroom. We endeavor to provide educators in Japan, and abroad, the opportunity to learn about how Critical Thinking can positively influence a student’s education and future. Join us to learn about how Critical Thinking is being used in our classrooms. Join us and share your ideas and opinions with us to help spread a better understanding of Critical Thinking and how it helps education. Join us and publish or present your research, methodology, or information about Critical Thinking and how you have integrated it in your classroom.

Below, you can find a list of the JALT CT SIG officers:

Coordinator: James Dunn –  Responsible for the overall running of the SIG and a good first contact if you have questions about the SIG.

Email: coordinator@jaltcriticalthinking.org

Membership Chair: Stephen Jennings – Responsible for contacting members and keeping a record of our group’s membership numbers.

Email: membership@jaltcriticalthinking.org

Program Chair: Wayne Devitte – Responsible for coordinating presenters and submissions to our many CT SIG events throughout Japan.

Email: program@jaltcriticalthinking.org

Treasurer: Dr. Hiroshi Nakagawa – Responsible for the budget and spending of our group. It is his job to make sure we stay within the NPO rules and keep our financial records straight.

Email: treasurer@jaltcriticalthinking.org

PR Representative: Wayne Malcolm – Responsible for helping to publicize our events and work with affiliate members who sometimes work with us on events.

Email: PR@jaltcriticalthinking.org

CTLL Chief Editor: Curtis Chu – Responsible for organizing the peer-review team, coordinating the assistant editors, being the point of contact for aspiring authors, and in charge of editing the CTLL journal.

Email: editor@jaltcriticalthinking.org

Publication Chair: James Dunn – Responsible for the SIG graphic design and the making of our annual peer-reviewed journal, Critical Thinking and Language Learning.

Email: publications@jaltcriticalthinking.org