(NOTE: These are working sections and criteria. They are subject to change until they are finalized by the CTLL editorial staff)

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Here you can find guidelines for submitting articles for the CTLL Journal and the CT-SCAN Newsletter. If the article you are working on does not fall into one of these categories, please contact us through our “About Us” page. We will do our best to work with you.

Download the Author Guideline Document: HERE


Types of Articles Sought:

Articles focus on language education and related issues at the tertiary level and are APA referenced (1,500 to 4,000 words).


  • Focus on Critical Thinking issues likely to be perceived as relevant to language teaching
  • Well designed and reported quantitative or qualitative research
  • Writing that situates issues within the context of relevant previous work while refraining from quoting for the sake of quoting
  • Thought-provoking theoretical pieces provided that clear practical implications are developed.
  • Original methodologies which integrate Critical Thinking and Higher Order Thinking Skills into language learning.

Opinion and Perspective

Short opinion pieces, perspectives on Critical Thinking teaching and learning (up to 2,000 words).

  • Short opinion pieces
  • Perspectives on teaching and learning

Papers on CALL-related Critical Thinking research, technology, and technology-related classroom practices (up to 2,500 words).

Book Reviews
Reviews of books, textbooks, videos, presentations, etc. 600 words; 1,500 words for scholarly review essays.


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