CT Podcasts/Links (NEW!)

In this section of the JALT Critical Thinking SIG website, you can find links to Critical Thinking podcasts. You can also find links here to other Critical Thinking focused websites. Both language focused and non-language focused. The first podcast entries being from our very own founding member, David Gann. Please check out the links below and may they be useful to your in your classroom and beyond.


The Critical Thinking Community: http://www.criticalthinking.org/

The Critically Minded Network by David Gann: Check here before utilizing the podcasts below. They are interconnected to bring a full range of Critical Thinking skills to your students. http://criticallymindednetwork.com


Critically Minded Podcast (By David Gann):  http://criticallyminded.com

Dialogically Minded Podcast (By David Gann): http://dialogicallyminded.com

Rationally Minded Podcast (By David Gann): http://rationallyminded.com

Critically Guided (By David Gann): http://criticallyguided.com/